Turbo Discharging


Loughborough University has invented a fundamentally new approach to using internal combustion (IC) engine air systems to improve fuel economy, reduce engine CO2 emissions and simultaneously increase engine torque. On-engine demonstrations have already demonstrated a 7% increase in peak torque and up to 6% fuel economy improvement.



Turbo Discharging reduces fuel consumption primarily by reducing the engine's pumping work.  The excess energy available to the turbine is used to pressure discharge the exhaust system and can work alongside turbocharging and turbocompounding systems

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A new dimension to energy flows for IC engine air systems with fuel economy benefits, increased engine recovery from exhaust gases, reduced hot residual gas fraction and therefore enabling spark advance, compression ratio increase and higher levels of boost.

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Partners are now being sought in the field of IC engines for power generation to demonstrate the benefits of Turbo-Discharging technology in their products.


Internal combustion engines are widely used due to their low cost, robustness, high power density and their ability to run on a variety of high energy fuels, such as gas, petrol and diesel.  Full electric vehicles and fuel cells do not yet offer all of these advantages for transportation, machinery or power generation.  Therefore, internal combustion engines will be an integral part of our lives for the foreseeable future.  Turbo-Discharging was developed to help reduce engine CO2 emissions, as well as improving the fuel economy and increasing the torque of internal combustion engines. 

Patent status

The Turbo-Discharging technology is currently protected by a family of patents including a granted GB patent and a host of published international patents.

We also hold Intellectual Property in the form of proprietary Knowledge and Knowhow regarding many aspects of the technology.


Commercial strategy

In March 2013 , Loughborough University entered into an agreement with AltEnergis, a London-based technology company focusing on the development of early-stage technologies.  AltEnergis is working in partnership with Loughborough University to select the right commercial partners to help successfully bring Turbo-Discharging to market.


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